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We want to give the opportunity with these courses all pilots regardless their skill class, to improve their home technology. In this course, different techniques depending on the device types and classes are discussed and developed. We focus primarily on the forward start technique. Only when sufficient wind, we would involve the strong wind launch technique.

Landing with modern and thus powerful screens is more difficult. The better glide ratio make the landing on the existing landing sites, which are not greater, difficult and demanding.

In this course, we work a systematic construction of a sophisticated agricultural equipment. It is aim to assess landing sites from the air and to choose the ideal approach. Our goal will not be to make the landing point, but to be able to implement the safest charging technology for the respective landing area.

More info

  •     intensive work on the own launch technology with its own MateriaL
  •     Learn slope to adjust wind speed, wind direction, and topography a star technology which allows, to conditions like,
  •     develop mental to have joy and fun to start key points
  •     optimize and improve agricultural technology
  •     Creation of “Reserves” ideal placement of the approach
  •     improve agricultural technology by bringing in silence, and overview

The training is performed in a flight area, where much but short flights are possible. We do not work on a training Hill. The flight will allow a classic start, a short flight and a complete approach. To quickly run the flights and made several flights per day without fatigue, we use a short cable car for the trip. Flims, Laax offers best conditions for exactly this requirement.

Our training dates are shown in our SEASON PLAN.


Discounted group rates on request

Day tickets for the cable car, which is required, is not included in the price.

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