The X-dream Fly FRONT CONTAINER was developed in cooperation with Flugsau and produced in Switzerland. He is the result of our endeavour to develop a compact front container which clearly stands out from previous models, easy to use and takes into account the practical experiences of countless rescue openings in the development phase.

The connection to the main carabiners is solved trough the cleverly integrated V-line. There is no additional assembling necessary. The innovative CUSHION HANDLE is in every situation palpaple with thick gloves in contrast to conventional rescue handles. Despite the solid Pack, you can trigger the emergency rescue with very low resistance.

A product that stands out by the easy installation, only 2 main suspensions, the slight possibility of packing and 2 compression straps. Furthermore there is the possibility to adjust the main riser (V-line) to the chest strap.

The FRONTCONTAINER is available in 3 different sizes (volume):

S | M – 1.900 ccm

X-ONE 90
X-TWO 90
X-TWO 110

M  – 2.714 ccm

X-ONE 120
X-TWO 130

L  – 4.417 ccm

X-ONE 160

  • especially for the sizes|volume developed front container for the X-ONE, X-CURVE, X-TRIANGLE & X-TWO series
  • very simple and well-thought-out design
  • extremely compressible
  • adjustable width of the main riser (V-line) to the chest strap
  • cushionhandle instead of the conventional handle
  • there is a velcro seamed on top of the container to attach your flight instruments
  • VAT+included+-
  • excl.+shipping+costs


State of delivery
Non steerable rescue

Connection of a non-steerable rescue by looping the riser through the V-lines.

Steerable rescue

Preparation to install a steerable rescue (X-TRIANGLE or Rogallo).

Open the side straps left and right (pic 3-4). Pull the black straps through the buckles and pull both V-lines out of the container als shown in pic 5-6.

Loop the risers of the X-TRIANGLE or Rogallo through the loops of the V-lines as shown in pic 7 (short loops, individually left and right).

Now mount the V-lines of the front container in reverse order and close the black straps to the buckles. Put the rest of the unused long V-line together, secure it with a rubber band and put it under the rescue during the packing process on bottom of the front container. Mount the cushion handle on the rescue container and close the front container.

Mount extension riser

Extension riser for X-TRIANGLE or Rogallo-system to front container.

The FRONTCONTAINER has the EN seal of approval PH069.2013 in all sizes

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