Geri Roschmann

Managing Director X-dream Fly Austria

I saw the light of the world on 17.05.1977 in Scheibbs, lower Austria. After school I graduated the higher technical school in St.Pölten for mechanical engineering. In 1997 I started with kite surfing, which immediately came to my great passion. Since there is also material damages in this sport and the money for repairs was scarce, I began to repair the damage myself. I took my mother’s sewing machine and began to perform the necessary sewings on the kite by myself. Over time, other orders were added and I was lucky to learn the craft of a passionate sailmaker.

In 2003, came the first contact with a paraglider. From the beginning, the kiting and flying was totally fascinating for me and became my life.

In 2008, Airsport offered me the opportunity to test my experience in sewing and flying. There I learned my further knowledge about the paragliding sport from Dani Loritz. From the workshop management through my job as a test pilots with insight into the design and development up to the flight instructor, performance and safety trainers, my knowledge and activities always increased.

2011|2012 stands a new project before the realization.
X-dream Fly is revived in a new way where I can bring all my knowledge, experience and passion.
I look forward to it…

“Live your dream… don ´ t dream your life!”