Training place WALENSEE | Swiss

Training place Lake Garda | Italy

SIV DATES – here you can see if there are still places free for the training of your choice

  • A-license | Sopi | Brevet and IPPI (card- Lake Garda)
  • valid liability insurance
  • verified and approved flight equipment (2 year check, rescue in the necessary packing interval)
  • no problems with your health
  • fun at flying and learning
  • individual and professional support by Dani Loritz & Gerald Roschmann (flight instructor, performance trainer and safety trainer)
  • individual and detailed theory with script
  • radio support and admissions from Dani Loritz or Gerald Roschmann
  • assisted by competent and experienced flight instructors at take-off and landing
  • full HD video recording of all flights (De-briefing with full-HD video beamer, for best picture quality – so that nothing escapes)
  • radio equipment including headset
  • rescue boat with driver | first aid on board
  • full automatic life jackets (300 newton lift)
  • shuttle service
  • theory documentation as Pdf file (SIV script)
  • diploma
  • max. number of participants: 12 pilots
    We guarantee you at least 4 flights at the 2-day training, 5 flights during the 3-day training and 6 flights at the 4-day training.
    If you don’t reach the minimum guaranteed flights per course (weather contitions), you can do this missing flights during another date.
  • life jacket – CO2 cartridces (25,- Euro per piece)
  • trips to the take-off
  • stay overnight (we assist by the organization)
  • food


  • twisted and head upsite down
  • pitch pendulum, roll, accelerated collapse
  • ears small | large
  • B stall or C stall
  • Front collapse / accelarated
  • side collapse / accelarated (diverent sizes and variants)
  • full stall (on request)
  • spin-full stall (on request)
  • spiral (on request)
  • rescue opening (on request)
  • big ears spiral (on request)
  • extended briefing for special maneuver: stall point – min. speed, deep stall, cravat, twist and rescue opening
  • deep stall / flyback
  • looping
  • dynamic full stall
  • asymmetric spiral
  • asymmetric SAT
  • Dani spin / Whirly-Gig
  • helicopter / coconut
  • Misty Flip / MC twist
  • tumbling
  • rythmic sat
  • etc.


The provider and contact partner for the security training SIV courses and travels is
X-dream Fly Switzerland.

X-dream Fly GmbH

Dorfstrasse 14
8881 Tscherlach


  • Registration takes place in writing via internet/email.

  • Each participant must be in possession of a valid pilot’s license.
  • The last rescue repacking has to be less then six months.
  • Participants are obliged to follow the instructions of the trainers.
  • The trainers has to be informed in case of any health problems or diseases.

  • All required insurances have to be done by the participant.
  • The organizer and the course management disclaim all liability for accidents and other damages.
  • A cancellation and cancellation insurance is the responsibility of the participant.

  • The course management reserve the right to cancel a course if the minimum number of participants is not reached, or the weather forecasts do not announce any flightable days.

IMPORTANT – If you have never participated in one of our trainings, please read the SIV-SCRIPT before.

We want to point out again, that for all our projects
the safety has absolute priority.