The ENTRANCE TEST for tandem or the flight instructor you can complete as part of our SIV trainings at the WALENSEE or Lake Garda.
Why above water? Because the DHV dictate to fly certain maneuvers above water.

€ 135,00per person
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Prepare you well for the exam. All maneuvers must be flown very clean and perfect. No matter whether you want to complete the entrance test for the flight instructor or tandem license, you have a great responsibility to your passengers or students with this qualification.

Here, practical skills is an absolute must!

The candidate has to demonstrate in a practical examination above-average practical skills during following manoeuvres. The test flight with spiral, side collapse with countersteering, pitch pendulum with stabilizing, Wing Over and stabilizing must be flown over water with the usual SIV safety precautions.

Here you find the link to the website of the DHV with the detailed requirements for the entrance test (see also below)

The execution of all maneuvers must show a safe and practiced flight style of the pilot. In case of a faulty execution of a maneuver, the instructor can arrange a follow-up flight or request a video verification of the faulty maneuver. In case of faulty execution of more than one maneuver and in case of own risk or threat to third parties during the test flight, the test shall be deemed not to be met.

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