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Our experience in safety training and our philosophy at
X-dream Fly influences our pilots education.

The differences by X-dream Fly are:
We train certain maneuvers, which are elementary important, over water during our safety training. Of course with the necessary security measures and under professional guidance. In our education is a X-dream Fly security TRAINING included. The aspiring pilot has the opportunity to take a maximum of knowledge, to be ready for solo flying after his education.

Because our trainings are offered throughout the year, everyone has
the ability to generate a large number of flights.
The location of Flims in the canton of Graubünden – CH is perfect for
the year-round training and is the ideal starting point for stress-free
flying with its variety of excellent land facilities.
We offer a variety of different flight regions to the students, therefore
we generate more flying hours and higher effective learning possibilitys.

One reason why countless pilots have opted for an X-dream Fly course in the past is the COMPETENT
and HONEST communication. It can sometimes be demanding for one or the other.
In our opinion, a certain level of requirements are the premise for a QUALITATIVE HIGH EDUCATION.
And this is where our priority is, the highest quality for our participants.
Nevertheless, the fun and enjoyment of the sport are important and of course there
are no unnecessary risks!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us

Team X-dream Fly… live your dream