Extend with FUN and JOY and MAXIMUM of SAFETY your personal SKILLS and meet the behavior of your paraglider in special situations!

You decide how fast and how far we will take you. We offer you the opportunity to extend your personal boundaries and get used to the
reactions of your glider. Learn to master this unknown new dimension in a safe environment.

In the real flying conditions, pilots are too often surprised by a unknown situation. This can lead to incorrect reactions and accidents. At X-dream Fly we want to minimize it. We offer our trainings with the necessary safety chain. Due to our vast experience, you will be taken professionally through the course. You decide how far you go, small and big ears, freestyle or acro.

The GERMAN and SWISS league are good examples.
They visited in the last years at least one X-dream Fly training per season.

Be safe and train your limits, visit a SAFETY TRAINING of your choice.

Video X-dream Fly Safety trainings
The following video gives you an insight to our safety trainings at Walensee and Lake Garda.

Videos from X-dream students – cut by themselve
Alexander Siku Garda (link to video)
Andreas SIKU Walensee (link to video)

Hello dear X-dreamfly team,
thanks for the excellent training, we liked it once again and we have learned a lot and you are really working very professionally. Thank you very much. Greetings to the whole team and see you next year.

Siku customer