Team X-dream Fly…
…live your dream

X-dream Fly is a label, Dani Loritz has founded over 15 years ago.
Even then the name stood for absolute quality and highest precision for TRAININGS, SIV and supervised FLYING TOURS.

This already existing label fits perfectly to the ideology of the new team, which is composed by DANI LORITZ & GERI ROSCHMANN. Each person brings many years of experience in various fields in the project.

It is the PASSION FOR FLYING and the willingness to pass on the existing knowledge, which has led us revive the project X-dream Fly in a new form.

We focus on QUALITY and not on quantity. Only those who work concentrated and structured will be successful.

We inspire our pilots, because in our heart the passion for this fantastic sport even burns after many years. With us you will experience something new. We help you to realize your dreams and overcome your fears.

The team will work intensively on the success of this project. An honest statement to the customer is very important to us. This can be sometimes unpleasant, we know! OPENNESS and HONESTY forms the basis of our PHILOSOPHY to the customer.

We take responsibility to our nature, in which we can not only fly, but also spend our daily live. You will feel comfortable and safe with us, such as in a large family.

Now have fun on our website and we hope to welcome you soon at one of our trainings or tours or with one X-dream Fly product of your choice.

Our birth

The X-dream Fly Team, under the constellation of DANI LORITZ & GERALD ROSCHMANN was founded in spring 2012.

Our first year was equally exciting. With the brand-new constructed rescue device our X-ONE, we launched into the new flight season. The first X-dream Fly season consisted of numerous, very successful SAFETY TRAININGS at Lake Garda & Walensee and we were able to accompany our flying friends to foreign countries. In March we went to NEPAL & end of the year still in the breathtaking DOLOMITES.

Now much fun on our WEBSITE…

Looking forward to see you soon at one of our TRAININGS & TOURS or to provide you with one of our X-dream Fly PRODUCTS.