Dani Loritz

Managing Director of X-dream Fly Switzerland

In the “tender” age of just 16 years it was my father, a hang glider, who has invited me to a paragliding tester day. The young sport was fascinating me from the very first moment, that I invested every “cent” in this new hobby. Paragliding was dedicated to every free day, every holiday and every weekend.
With 20 years, I completed the exam to the paragliding instructor and worked in the flight school where I had enjoyed my training.
The competitions, initially only XC (national as international, like PWC’s) piled up over the years. I found the greater passion however in technical flying and in acro. So I achieved some notable successes in the first years of acro competitions.

The major action took place in 1999 on the occasion of the balloon week in Flims. I was the first person at that time who ended up on a flying hot air balloon and a camera of the television station RTL filmed me.

X-dream Fly was launched by me in 1996. I offered in the area of Flims the classical courses, travel and increasingly intermediate and performance courses as well safety training.
With my carrer as a flight instructor, also my time as a test pilot began. Initially I worked as a test pilot for the company Firebird, later I took over the responsibility for the whole Development Department as a design engineer.
Later I worked as designer and test pilot in a German manufacturer. In addition, I launched a new brand as a responsible brand manager and placed them on the market. We expanded and I started the construction of a new production with 30 employees in Croatia.

Today I can proudly look back on 15 years of X-dream Fly, over 17 years of safety training, over 20 years of flight instructor activity, far more than hundred prototypes and a quarter-century paragliding sport!

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!”