an unforgettable experience

Dear Tandem passenger

It´s a dream for humans to glide like a bird through the air, to fly over mountains and valleys and to look at the world from above.
This is possible with a paraglider. As a passenger we show you the incredible views from the top and you can enjoy the
unforgettable feeling involved.

We offer you as one of few companies several possibilities to get this UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE.
At X-dream Fly you have the opportunity to choose between different flight areas in


More information about flight zones, relevant contact information and the the flight itself!

General information about the tandem flight

Our pilots are professional tandem pilots and instructors. We fly exclusively with tested material, maintained rescue equipment and under the general conditions of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (BAZL, LBA). Our pilots know-how are state-of-the-art and regularly updated. Our safety training is one of the most comprehensive and professional SIV worldwide. The annual visit of such courses is compulsory for our tandem pilots. You can confidently and completely entrust your Tandem pilot, because there are only a few who master this sport as well as they do!

Since the beginning, more than 27 years ago, the material has achieved a high degree of professionalism. The material is subjected to a strict test and is maintained and reviewed annually. A paraglider equipment weighs approx. 15 – 25 kg. The tandem equipment withstands loads of more than two tons. The flight speed is
25 – 45 km|h with a glide angle of approx. 1:8. With a modern glider, you can fly distances of more than 100km. No other aircraft offers comparable flexibility. The paraglider is the lightest manned aircraft.

The meeting point with your Tandem pilot will be arranged a few days before the desired date (depending where you would like to do your tandem flight).
The weather is decisive in our sport, so we decide at the evening before, if it´s possible to fly.

The ticket for the mountain ride is not included in the price. If you do not already have an appropriate year or day card, we recommend to wait with the purchase of the ticket. The Tandem pilot will assess the weather situation on the spot once again and may have to make a change of plan. The ride up is carried out together with the Tandem pilot. We recommend to friends and family to stay in the valley. Usually the pursuit of the flight is more exciting from the ground.

Already during the ride to the take-off the passanger get prepared for the flight and you can use the time to discuss the flight route. The starting sequence is discussed at the take off. Make sure that you have remove all the valuables from your pockets and store them in bags who can be closed by means of a zipper. There is only limited space in the harness to store your belongings safely. After brief preparation of the glider and tightening of the harness you will take off with the command of
the pilot. A few but resolute steps are necessary and you are already gliding through the air.

Immediately after take off the pilot will help you to get yourself comfortable in the harness. We try to offer our passengers an extensive flight experience. We also try to use thermal (warm upwinds) to extend the flight. If you not feeling nice, getting cold or do not sit comfortably, please inform the pilot immediately. If you want to see something special or simply want to fly over your hotel or apartment, let the pilot know. The pilot will gladly fulfill your wishes as far as the weather and the flying conditions allow. In calm conditions you can also take the “rudder” once in your own hands and steer the paraglider itself. The pilot will give you the appropriate instructions. We also have a wide repertoire for action. Our pilots will be happy to show you how Wing-Over or a spiral feels like. G-loads of over 3G can be experienced! Please note that taking pictures or videofilms by yourself is prohibited. All instruments must be protected against falling. On request, the pilot can take pictures using a special camera. The pictures are stored after the flight on a memory stick or an SD card.

The landing is very easy and requires only a short briefing which you will get from the pilot shortly before landing. The pilot steers the paraglider precisely to the landing field and places the passenger gently back to earth.

  • ankle-high footwear (hiking-boots)
  • warm clothing (gloves, wind protection jacket, maybe thermo pants during winter)
  • Memory stick or SD card
  • good mood
Chronic diseases (cardiovascular problems, epilepsy, asthma, etc.) must be indicated upon registration.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us

Team X-dream Fly… live your dream




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