Our harness X-SENSE provides


enhanced by new technology


considerably increased by the high comfort


due special belt geometry

Based on years of experience the X-SENSE offers new technological solutions. The construction enhance SAFETY and FLIGHT PLEASURE, with criteria such as safety, lightness, comfort, controllability through weight shift and feedback. Thanks to the frame construction and its active controllability by the special belt geometry, it fulfills the requirements of numerous pilots and remains thereby very light and easy to transport.

It is fully approved according to the LTF-EN protocol. The seat board is asymmetrically and made out of a honeycomb structure. A 6-leaf bottom container, rescue handle can be mounted on the right or left side, very good feedback and extremely precise body weight shift option are only a few points which characterize
the X-SENSE.


  • EN & LTF certification PH 176.2016
  • max. pilot weight 110 kg
  • 18 cm foam protector
  • leg, chest, hip & shoulder straps adjustable during flight
  • ABS system
  • speed bar in place holder (rubber)
  • 6-leaf bottom container

  • mounting of the rescue handle right and left possible (right or left hander)
  • loops on the shoulder straps for fixing steerable rescues
  • anatomically shaped back part for optimum support
  • very precise feedback and extreme weight shift possible
  • asymmetric seat board
  • channel for camel bag tube

Construction X-SENSE

The X-SENSE is equipped with a fixed sewn in V-line to connect the rescue to the
harness. It is also possible to install steerable rescue devices (such as the X-Curve,
X-Triangle or other brands) by using mailon rapide carabiners.

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