We pack all rescues who are available on the market and
perform necessary repairs in our workshop.

How it works:
After you have sent us your rescue by post or any other courier service, it will be opened and aired. Then we controll the canopy for potential damage. In case of any additional work, you get an information first before we get to work.

Please contact us first by mail or phone
before you send us your rescue for repacking…


Round, cross canopies, X-TRIANGLE & X-TWO
€ 45,00per piece
  • excl. shipping costs
Seven Up, X-CURVE
€ 65,00per piece
  • excl. shipping costs
Rogallos without packing loops
€ 80,00per piece
  • excl. shipping costs
We offer also compatibility checks, where we would like to point out here that we believe that a C-check should only take place together with the pilot. A rescue canopy can be compatible with the harness but not necessarily with the pilot, therefore we recommend a C-test only together, RESCUE | HARNESS | PILOT (sitting in the harness).

We point out that the normal cycle of pack of 6 or 12 months is strictly to comply (depending on the manufacturer)!
Dirt, heat and moisture can greatly delay the opening procedure of the rescue and increase the risk of an accident.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us

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