We want in our beautiful sport offer you a glimpse through this event and hope that one or other fancy BB´s paragliding Gets and is itself to the pilots.

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Before you can start the practical exercises, the flight instructor with a short theory unit will familiarize participants with materials and equipment. Through so-called running exercises on a practice slope, we show you how to start the glider, control and back lands without losing the ground under your feet. This gives confidence in what is happening. These exercises are successfully completed, the starting height can be increased easily, so that must be started with the first flights. The altitude can be increased variable on a practice slope between 0 and 50 meters.

All exercises are performed via wireless connection also the corrections afterwards. The wireless connection should be disturbed, the participant is already instructed about the necessary display hints and can therefore still start the flight or to finish. We guarantee maximum security, lots of fun and adventure.

  •     Minimum age 15 years
  •     Outdoor clothing, high trekking boots or sturdy shoes with good sole and enhanced ankle area, finger gloves
  •     Fun and joy with man and nature
Terrain & equipment

The learning success is highly dependent on the terrain and wind conditions. We have in Laax (Switzerland ·) Graubünden) the ideal practice slope, where it is possible to perform throughout the day the training operation. Fl

ight equipment, radio, helmet, professional guidance from an instructor are included in the price. Fro


From camping to apartments, guest houses and hotel, in Flims Laax is everything available.
We are happy to help you with your choice.

TRIAL days can be booked at any basic course and are clearly indicated in our SEASON PLAN.
They take place throughout the year.

Trial day
€ 95,00per person
  • CHF 100,00

Discounted group rates on request

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