SIV Walensee info sheet

The provider and contract partner for the safety & performance training
is X-dream Fly Switzerland.

Daniel Loritz
Dorfstrasse 14
8881 Tscherlach

SIV documents & dates

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1 day training
€ 180,00per person
  • CHF 198,00
2 days training
€ 340,00per person
  • CHF 374,00
3 days training
€ 450,00per person
  • CHF 495,00
5 days training
€ 590,00per person
  • CHF 649,00

Dear flying friends,
in the following lines, we will show you on the process and the important details
of our safety training in Swiss – Walensee.


The arrival is organized by the participants individually. Carpool lane we provide available list of participants. We meet according to tender at the hotel Churfirsten in Walenstadt, Switzerland. The Churfirsten mountains is located directly on the main street, opposite the train station. A day before the course starts on our website is informed at the latest on the implementation. The course is cancelled we ask you by email to make a new appointment. It i


s to appear desirable to the rendezvous point probably fed and rested, please don’t while the briefing to take breakfast, which would disrupt the flow. We recommend you also during training on his diet. Enough time is available to consume snacks and fluids in the trips from the landing site to the launch site. Here, too, we recommend an energy-supplying food (E.g. Granola bars, fruit, sandwiches sandwich, etc.). Most importantly, is the fluid balance. Those neglected, this greatly affected the concentration and therefore highest priority should be. Consumption of alcohol is strictly refrain during the training. In the evening after a successful training day, we recommend to keep the limits of alcohol consumption and quite particularly here to ensure a balanced and healthy diet. Just so you can work on the following day focused and succe


ssful. The personal items such as cell phone, keys, purse should be packed in a waterproof bag. Unnecessary items such as Vario, camera should be left in the car. Who owns a waterproof action camera (go-pro) can carry of course this. The recordings can be useful in the analysis. We recommend the introduction of a set of dry spare clothes. These can be stored in the car of the training manager at the landing site. The paragliding is operated with the gloves!

  • Identity card
  • IPPI card (if available)
  • pilot’s license
  • proof of insurance
  • SIV-script
  • maneuvers journal
  • emergency form
  • participants declaration

Your complete flight equipment should be brought to the course.

  • Glider
    Please use your own glider during training. It comes with a safety training course primarily your own skills as the key data of your wing to get to know. It makes little sense, fly screens in a safety training test. The peerless maneuvers should not serve to the purchasing decision or It is important to screen buying the maneuvers aim learn to master the special properties of the screen. Note that the screen has a valid check. Pilots who want to train on the safety maneuver, and want to learn freestyle maneuvers, should bring the Freestyle screen and the standard screen. It may be that we first intended to accomplish certain maneuvers for security reasons with the default screen. Conversely, we will train only with some dynamic maneuvers according to dynamic, small screens.
  • Rescue
    The rescuers must be packed in accordance with folding interval and waited. It is possible to pull the rescue unit on the last flight of the safety training. The theme of rescue equipment to deal with this realistic form, is highly recommended. We offer a drying and Pack service for the thrown rescue equipment. On request, also a Savior of spare time can be (please before training with the instructor for details) provided until your rescue system is packed at the disposal. For the training of freestyle maneuvers, a harness with two rescue systems is expected.
  • Harness
    It is advisable, as the glider to complete the training with your own harness. The accelerator should be mounted on the harness and adjusted to the correct length. We recommend the removal of foam protector during safety training. Airbags should either be equipped with a zipper, which accelerated the emptying of the protector with a possible water landing or the ventilation of the protector should be prevented by masking off the inlet. The decision on the removal/elimination of the protector is the pilot. We
    point out that the landing in the water with an active protector can be dangerous. For a correct adjustment of the harness, we are happy to help. We hand over a float for the rescue handle out. This is to prevent that the inner container in the water goes down. Fixing this float is explained by the Boot Manager. Note that a compatibility check is not the content of a security training. The K tests should be after the purchase, or be done after the installation of the rescue unit. On request, we carry an equivalent K check against reimbursement. We recommend the study of our blogs on the topic of harness.
  • Helmet
    Please that take helmets for the first briefing, have to be equipped with radio equipment. Our devices are issued with an earphone, whose PASSFORM may vary depending on the size of the ear. For this reason, we recommend to use a balaclava to ensure optimum support of the earphone. Own radios and helmet fittings should not be a, since they may interfere with radio communications.
  • Life jacket
    The lifejackets are provided by X-dream fly. We use only highly seaworthy septic with 300 Newton buoyancy. They provide maximum protection and are sure to fainting under virtually all conditions. The life jacket is equipped with an automatic release system. This throws out after a few seconds after landing in the water and the life jacket is filled with air. At the machine a ripcord (red handle) for a manual activation is also on the right side under the velcro fastener. We recommend no handwritten manipulations on the life jacket. The Boot Manager will assist friends in explaining, the operation, as well as the proper tightening. For the refilling of the lifejacket after a possible firing, we charge euro 25,00 for gas cartridge and salt tablets.

The night spot is also organized by the participants themselves. Accommodation in different price classes must be booked in Walenstadt. Following list gives a brief overview:

The hotel in which we have our meeting place and make even the briefing, is the Hotel Churfirsten. The hotel is maintained and leads an excellent cuisine – our insider tip!

We have found our safety training deemed worthy another partner at Lake Walen. The Alp Schrina and in particular its tenants of Edith and Hans Schmid welcome us with them in operation. They also offer the possibility to stay a lovingly-run restaurant. Their uncomplicated and flexible way is just our students lodging, cost effective and exciting. Who so his nights at the safety training or generally his holiday on a traditional Alp wants to spend, when Edith and Hans is in the best hands.

Hotel Krone – cheap and central
Hotel Löwen – cheap and Central
Private room at Mrs Mattle – Tel + 41 (0) 710 24 19
Camping Murg – nice location
Campsite – nice location
You can find more offers on the website of the tourism

The loads of the material in a safety training are high. We are not liable for material damage or damage to third parties.


At the briefing of the first day of the course, the completed maneuvers sheet is to bring. After the greeting, there is a brief introduction to the process of the SIKU and followed by the actual briefing with Declaration of the maneuver. It be every single training day the maneuvers discussed beforehand and entered into individually on demand.
The SIKU maneuver leaves should be completely filled with the desired maneuvers and personal data, brought to the meeting on the first day.

1 -, 2 – and 3-day sikus:
The briefing will be adjusted depending on the current weather situation time and takes normally up to 11:00.

5-day sikus:
At the 5-day SIKU, a detailed briefing, as also a material control with adjusting the harness takes place on the first day (usually on Wednesday) at 12:00. On request, a compatibility check can be completed. After the briefing, a detailed briefing of the terrain is made.
On the other days are each morning from 8:00 until approx. 10:00 the other maneuvers discussed.

Then we drive to the landing site for the landing site – and flight area instruction. It is advisable to make, because a parking ticket is resolved (about carpooling CHF 7.00 per day). At the landing site, we climb the shuttle bus which brings us to the launch site. The ride is CHF 12,00 or € 10,00 and must be borne by the participants themselves. Arrived at the launch site the start Manager is still an appropriate briefing and the actual training can begin. The participants should be now possible quickly ready. There is no special order, except the head of start one provides. To ensure a smooth and rapid flow of training, mind should in the case of a home demolition. two pilots will be ready to go at the same time. The seat should be left clean and tidy. We ask therefore any waste, whether itself or caused by the neighbors, to take and properly disposed of after the flight. The landing the radio is automatically turn off to save battery. Quick folding and stowing of equipment is available. Please help the following participants when putting together after their landing. If the taxi not yet arrived at the landing site, so we ask you, at the latest after its arrival independently to enter and to go up to the launch site, to get a maximum number of flights. 15 minutes after the landing of the last participant de-briefing at Hotel begins Churfirsten. The duration depends on the number of training participants.


In the spring of 2013, the sliding screen Club has Spitzmeilen taken over the organisation of the flight area of Walenstadt. The last few years the Club has a fee for the use of the start and landing (CHF 5.00/day or CHF 25.00/year) raised. The flight schools have joined together now to a community of interest IG flight arena Walenstadt and are working to organize the flight area from his own hand. At the time can be still cannot be reliably said, as the cost of the flight area are applied. We are working by the IG emphatically, that the fees for our course participants can be lifted. We will report on the latest progress on our website. Tea


If you have any questions please contact us

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