SIV LAKE Garda info sheet

The provider and contract partner for the safety & performance training
is X-dream Fly Switzerland.

X-dream Fly GmbH
Via Padrusa 32
7013 Domat | EMS

SIV documents & dates

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1 day training
€ 190,00per person
  • CHF 210,00
2 days training
€ 350,00per person
  • CHF 385,00
3 days training
€ 470,00per person
  • CHF 520,00
5 days training
€ 610,00per person
  • CHF 675,00

Dear flying friends,
in the following lines, we will show you on the process and the important details
of our safety training in Italy – Lake Garda.

The loads of the material in a safety training are high. We are not liable for material damage or damage to third parties.


After greeting on Wednesday at 12:00 there is a brief introduction to the process of the SIKU and followed by the actual briefing with Declaration of the maneuver. It be every single training day the maneuvers discussed beforehand and entered into individually on demand. The SIKU maneuver sheet is completely filled with the desired maneuvers and personal data, taken with a meeting place on the first day, will be. It held a briefing on each flight. This is adjusted depending on the current weather situation time and takes normally up to Max 10:00. On the first day, we drive to the landing site for the landing site – and flight area instruction. After we closed to the cable car and solve our train ticket (tariffs of the Funivia Malcesine-Monte Baldo) there. Arrived at the launch site the start Manager is still an appropriate briefing and the actual training can begin. The participants should be now possible quickly ready. There is no special order, except the head of start one provides. To ensure a smooth and rapid flow of training, mind should in the case of a home demolition. two pilots will be ready to go at the same time. The seat should be left clean and tidy. We ask therefore any waste, whether itself or caused by the neighbors, to take and properly disposed of after the flight. The landing the radio is automatically turn off to save battery. Quick folding and stowing of equipment is available. Please help the following participants when putting together after their landing. Depending on the number of participants a part or the whole group by bus from the landing site to the cable car is transported first, which boots up then please independently as quickly as possible back to the launch site. 30 minutes after the landing of the last participant de-briefing begins with video analysis – meeting place to do this will be announced on the spot. The duration depends on the number of training participants.


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