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Should the can on the training Hill are not the ideas of the instructor or the participants themselves decides that he is ready not to do so, there are of course the possibility to catch up on more flights of fancy whenever basic course or altitude course.

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The course will take place throughout the day. In the morning, we start with a brief weather and go immediately on the training Hill to the practical part of the training to begin. At lunchtime, a short rest and snack break is inserted to maintain the ability to concentrate in the afternoon. With a grill evening or dinner on the last day we will still reminisce about the experiences of the week and at the end of the basic course with many unforgettable moments.

All exercises are performed with wireless connection also corrections afterwards. The wireless connection should be disturbed, the participant is already instructed about the necessary display hints and can therefore still start the flight or to finish. We guarantee maximum security, lots of fun and joy.

It is advisable to complete the course as a whole. If this is not possible for some reason, we are flexible and it
individual days at another course can be rescheduled.

  •     Minimum age 15 years
  •     Outdoor clothing, high trekking boots or sturdy shoes with good sole and enhanced ankle area, finger gloves
  •     Fun and joy with man and nature
Terrain & equipment

The learning success is highly dependent on the terrain and wind conditions. We have in Laax (Switzerland ·) Graubünden) the ideal practice slope, where it is possible to perform throughout the day the training operation. Fl

ight equipment, radio, helmet, professional guidance from an instructor are included in the price. Fro


From camping to apartments, guest houses and hotel, in Flims Laax is everything available.
We are happy to help you with your choice.

Our basic course dates are shown in our SEASON PLAN
& throughout the year.

Basic course
€ 750,00per person
  • CHF 780,00

Discounted group rates on request

Day tickets for the cable car, which is required for the flights of fancy at the end of the course is not included in the price.

We are looking forward to you…

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us

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